Kid A – Radiohead (2000)

Verdict – 9.5

The English band’s fourth album, essentially took all conventions towards rock music, expectations towards the band themselves, and disregarded it all. All the years spent building the Radiohead image with their first three albums, tossed aside to be built anew. What did we get in the end? Quintessential Radiohead. In their purest, most natural form.

The opener, Everything in Its Right Place, depicts us in our current state. We are finding difficult, complex life problems (I woke up sucking on a lemon), to which we are always looking to find simple, black-and-white solutions (There are two colours in my head). In the album’s best track, Idioteque, we are a listener to what I can only imagine as a foretelling of a future apocalypse, and the madness surrounding the ordeal. Kid A closes with the serene, Motion Picture Soundtrack. A haunting portrayal of life, and an acceptance that it is not as pretty and great as your youth aspires it to be. It sounds like your last moments of life, before being born again.

The genre of this album is difficult to place, some parts ambient, alternative, experimental, and largely very electronic. To define what Kid A is as an album, what it was attempting to achieve, what their lyrics were meant to signify, are meaningless. Interpretations are many in number, and there are probably at least five viewpoints that could possibly relate to every single track. Abstract, contemplative, emotional? One can only assume Thom Yorke knows, but I doubt it. No one knows, no one will ever know. Kid A will dwell in the memory, forever a reminder of a band in their prime. To serve as a reminder of music at its craziest, most ingenious, unrestricted, best.

Top Tracks – Everything in Its Right Place, Idioteque, Motion Picture Soundtrack


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