The Royal Concept EP – The Royal Concept (2012)

Verdict – 7.2

The new Swedish synthpop/indie pop band released their debut EP a few months back, and have since garnered a lot of attention with their instantly likeable and catchy songs, getting comparisons to bands like Phoenix and The Strokes. The reason they have found themselves with a devoted fan base so early is clear, with infectious singing, brilliant guitar riffs and a great use of synths to fill in the gaps, the songs all deliver.

Their main single on the EP is Gimme Twice, which found praise from listeners everywhere for the pure Phoenix vibe of the track. The name is quite literal, having it just so being about asking for a girl to climax twice during the same night (I just wanna lay down, come lay down, I’ll just go down). Although that song made the band more prominent, it’s the following track (the best of the EP), Goldrushed, that shows them at their best. The guitar riff is brilliant, and the overall song is just an insanely catchy track about indecision about love, “I always end up kissing you then missing you even more and more, I always mess it up, I never got it right not even once.” The album closer is a surprise, In the End, a ballad that really turns down the pace of the EP. It’s a welcome addition though, which shows some versatility and opens pathways for the band in the future.

There is no doubt that The Royal Concept will make big moves in the music industry over the next few years, and will undoubtedly find themselves with a large fan base rapidly. There is a lot to like here, and is a great debut to build upon. They have shown enough here to build expectations that they can bring out albums that will be as successful as any Phoenix album, and although they may tire of the comparison, it is a compliment. Let’s hope they really make a great debut album.

Top Songs – Gimme Twice, Goldrushed


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