Celebration Rock – Japandroids (2012)

Verdict – 8.5japandroids-celebration-rock-540x540

The second album by the Canadian indie rock duo expanded on their impressive debut, Post-Nothing, and incorporated a far more punk/classic influence to its sound. From the hectic and energetic instrumentations, to the blared vocals throughout, Celebration Rock was the rock record of 2012. The duo sound lively, fun, and more importantly, create songs that are anthemic and would be transcendent when experienced live. In its relatively short length, the album never lets up and allows no moments reprieve.

The opener, “The Nights of Wine and Roses” is a perfect start to the album, as we are introduced to the duo’s ethos in music; to construct crazily catchy hooks, add some frantic guitar and panicked vocals, and, it sounds great. Album highlight, “Younger Us” was initially released in 2010, but fortunately found its way onto this tracklist. Probably the most catchy track off the album, the song explodes with life and charisma as they reminisce of their youth, contains the memorable lyric, “Give me that night you were already in bed, said “fuck it”, got up to drink with me instead!” The album’s best track and one of the songs of the year, “The House That Heaven Built”, is as close to a perfect rock song as you can get. The vocal is incredible, the instruments great, and the lyrics suited for sing-alongs. The chorus hook is amazing, as they sing about an ex to which they still hold in some regard, that when they find someone new, “if they try to slow you down, tell ‘em all to go to hell.”

A rock record through and through, anyone looking for something inventive and creative may be disappointed in that regard, but when they achieve their target as well as the duo do on Celebration Rock, there is little to complain about. May well be very highly placed by some amongst their top albums of 2012, and really, almost any of these songs could be their preferred favourite on the record, which just goes to show that they have pulled a very consistent album. Let’s look forward to their next outing, and hope they drop gems like, “Younger Us” again along the way.

Top Songs – “The Nights of Wine and Roses”, “Younger Us”, “The House That Heaven Built”


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