Homework – Daft Punk (1997)

Verdict – 7.9Daft Punk - Homework

Homework showcases one of the simple facts of music, when simple things are just done this right, there is no need to try achieve game-changing sounds or ideas. In saying this, the debut album by the electronic music duo known as Daft Punk brought an unprecedented amount of interest towards progressive house music and played a major role in reviving house music in general. Incessantly catchy and listenable, that even when the beat slows for a moment, you know it is only for the build-up to the next hook. Blending acid, funk, and many other forms of dance music at the time, the duo created a house music classic.

The album’s best track is the stellar, “Da Funk”, with its droning lead riff backed by simple drum loops and light touches in the background, they created a dance music landmark achievement. Breaking only to lead in an acid-funk backing riff, this track allows absolutely no time to catch your breath. The progressive, “Phoenix”, gives us a glimpse into how exactly they make their music, letting us hear as they sounds and layers develop and mould into one seamless club banger.

Other album highlight is the incredibly bold, “Around the World”, which constantly repeats the title as the lead hook. This never gets on your nerve, and when backed by simple production and some of the funkiest basslines you’ll likely hear, it leads to the track being one of the absolute icons in dance music. The tribute to the duo’s musical influences, “Teachers”, somehow manages to make what essentially is a roll-call, into an absolute tune by adding their signature funky basslines to the mix.

Suitably named, their music really is daft. A combination of noises and sounds that should never have been as successful as it was, however in the hands of two (eventual) house music legends, this was one of the must-have albums from the era. Still sounding as fresh now as it was over 15 years ago, it is one of EDM’s greatest feats alongside other classics from artists such as (themselves, if including Discovery) The Avalanches, LCD Soundsystem and Justice. One for the ages.

Top Songs – “Da Funk”, “Around the World”, “Teachers”


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